Publications of the Ipswich Historical Society

The Ipswiich Museum

The Ipswich Historical Society was founded in 1896 by the Reverend Thomas Franklin Waters, the author of a two-volume history of Ipswich, Volume I published in 1905 and volume II in 1917. Because they contain a history of virtually every significant house in the town, these two volumes can be considered the base from which all organized preservation schemes have originated.

The Ipswich Historical Society continues today as the Ipswich Museum. The Ipswich town meeting of 1964, in order to take advantage of possibly available state and federal funds, voted into existence an Historical Commission, an official town body which is responsible for the preservation of the town’s historic resources. The Town Historian is a member of the Historical Commission and created this website.

The following papers were presented by Thomas Franklin Waters and other members of the Ipswich Historical Society during the late 19th and early 20th Century.

Read online: Publications of the Ipswich Historical Society

  • Vol. 1 Order of Exercises at the Ipswich Town Hall. The Oration and The Poem, On the 200th Anniversary of the Resistance to the Andros Tax.
  • Vol. 2 (1896) The President’s Address and Other Proceedings at the Dedication of their Room, Friday Feb. 3, 1896
  • Vol. 3 (1897) Exercises at the Unveiling of the Memorial Tablets at the South Common, Ipswich, July 29, 1896
  • Vol. 4
  • Vol. 5 (1898) The Early Homes of the Puritans and Some Old Ipswich Houses
  • Vol. 6 (1899) Dedication of the Ancient House now occupied by The Society
  • Vol. 7 A Sketch of the Life of John Winthrop the Younger, Founder of Ipswich, Massachusetts in 1633.
  • Vol. 8 The Development of our Town Government and Common Lands and Commonage
  • Vol. 9 A History of the Old Argilla Road in Ipswich, Massachusetts
  • Vol. 10 (1901) The Hotel Cluny of a New England Village. An Old Ipswich House.
  • Vol. 11 The Meeting House Green, and a Study of the Houses and Lands in that Vicinity
  • Vol. 12 (1903) Thomas Dudley, and Simon and Ann Bradstreet. A study of house-lots to determine the location of their homes.
  • Vol. 13 Fine Thread, Lace and Ipswich. Ipswich Mills and Factories.
  • Vol. 14 The Simple Cobbler of Aggawam, (reprint of the 4th edition, London, 1647. Followed by Vol. 14. See page 91 and 105)
  • Vol. 15 (1907) The Old Bay Road from Saltonstall’s Brook and Samuel Appleton’s Farm. A Genealogy of the Ipswich Descendants of Samuel Appleton.
  • Vol. 16 (1909) Candlewood, An Ancient Neighborhood in Ipswich with genealogies of John Brown, William Fellows, and Robert Kinsman. By T. Frank Waters
  • Vol. 18 (1912) Jeffreys Neck, and the Way Leading Thereto with notes on Little Neck
  • Vol. 19 (1914) Ipswich Village and the Old Rowley Road
  • Vol. 21 (1916) Augustine Heard and His Friends
  • Vol. 22 (1918) Plum Island.
  • Vol. 23 (1920) The Chronicles of Ipswich During the War 1917-1918
  • Vol. 24 (1923) Ipswich River, Its Bridges, Wharves and Industries.
  • Vol. 25 (1925) Glimpses of Everyday Life in Old Ipswich
  • Vol. 26 (1927) Two Ipswich Patriots: John Wise of Chebacco and Michael Farley, First, Second, and Third of Ipswich.

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