44 East St, Ipswich MA
44 East St, Ipswich MA (image from Ipswich Patriot Properties).

The 1872 Ipswich map identifies this as the J. Roberts house. The Ipswich Historical Commission records the date of construction as 1856/1872 by John Roberts.  The house eventually came into the possession of the Hovey family, through the marriage of Mary Elizabeth Hovey (1843-1928) to John Roberts (1824-1903). In the 1910 Ipswich map, this house and the adjoining house on the west are owned by Miss R. Ho

Interment at the Locust Grove Cemetery

Laurie Chadbourne commented:

I was thrilled to find both my parents mentioned in the article “Block prints from the 1950 IHS calendar: Old Time Ipswich.” My father Llewellyn Chadbourne and my mother Mary Jo Sullivan both contributed block prints. What a fantastic surprise to have found this information and be able to see their work from so many years ago. It’s also nice to see that the house we lived in (The Roberts House at 44 East Street) is mentioned in the historic homes section. My siblings and I have very happy memories of that lovely home. Thank you for your wonderful website!