Sarah Lord house, N. Main St, Ipswich

51 North Main Street, the Sarah Lord house (1849)

The Sarah Lord house was built in 1849, a Greek Revival house. She was the wife of A. P. Lord, a storekeeper but contracted the house herself. The Asa Lord general merchandise store existed at Lords Square for 100 years. Italianate motifs used in the house include label molds, paired brackets, and a disc and scallop decoration boarding to imitate ashlar masonry. The south entry of the Lord House has Greek side-lights and transom.

Sarah Lord house, Ipswich MA North Main Street

Photo from the MACRIS site, about 1980.

An earlier Sarah Lord born to Ipswich town clerk Robert Lord married Joseph Wilson of Andover. In 1692 she and her daughter also named Sarah were accused of witchcraft by that town’s own “afflicted girls.” Taken from their homes without warning, they and other women were carted off to Salem prison. Dudley Bradstreet, son of the former Governor issued the warrants as Justice of Peace. When a dog barked at his brother John the girls pointed John out as a witch as well. John fled to New York, and the dog was hung as a witch.


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