Stephen Smith farm, Argilla Rd.

178 Argilla Road, the Stephen Smith house (1742)

178 Argilla Rd.

Sagamore Hill, which is near Fox Creek and Argilla Roads, was originally apportioned in small tillage lots to a considerable number of owners. Thomas Wells left two sons, Thomas and Nathaniel. Thomas quitclaimed his portion to his brother, in 1669. Thomas Wells sold Abraham Tilton Jr., his farm, described as “part of ye farme which my brother bought of ye relict of Mr. John Rogers, & part of ye farm of aforesaid father Nathaniel Wells, deceased,” sixty acres, in 1706.

Moses Wells sold Jacob Smith several lots and he bequeathed his large estate to the three sons of his kinsman, Adam Smith; Joshua, Asa and Bemsley. It included “two mansion houses,” with barn, etc. Asa Smith, came into possession of a part that he sold to Hephzibah Day, wife of John Day Jr., twenty acres, “at the corner of a stone wall and road or way leading to Cogswell’s farm, near the southerly end of the house lately the property of Adam Smith, deceased.”

This establishes the pedigree of the old house, still standing. It was built by Stephen Smith, who bought the land in 1742, and was bequeathed to his sons, Adam and Zebulon. The house itself with a small piece of land was sold to John Day Jr. by Asa Smith at the same time.

Source: The Old Argilla Rd. by Thomas Franklin Waters

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