65 Waldingfield Road, Sunswick (1890)

In 1882, Bayard Tuckerman married Annie Osgood Smith, daughter of Rev. Cotton Smith and Hariette Appleton, daughter of General James Appleton. A lot on Waldingfield Rd. near Highland Street that had once belonging to Daniel Fuller Appleton was purchased in 1890 by Tuckerman. He built his summer house on a slight rise and named it “Sunswyck,” or “Sunswick. The land thus returned to the extended Appleton family for a time. They had four children, among whom was Bayard Tuckerman, Jr., a famous jockey.

Sunswich, the home of Barnard Tuckerman

Baynard Tuckerman was a United States biographer and historian. He graduated from Harvard in 1878, and was the author of “History of English Prose Fiction” (New York, 1882). He ctured on English literature for Princeton University from 1898-1907.

From Sister The Life of the Legendary American Interior Decorator Mrs. Henry Parish II:

“Bayard and Annie Tuckerman lived with their four children—Sister’s mother, May, and Elizabeth, Bayard, and Joan—at 118 East Thirty-seventh Street in New York in the winter and at their house “Sunswick” in Ipswich, Massachusetts, in the summer. Sunswick was a classic gray clapboard summer house with a large porch for lounging, tennis courts, and barns for the Tuckermans’ horses and other animals. Ipswich is the site of Appleton Farms, a one-thousand-acre farm that has been owned and farmed for three centuries by Annie Tuckerman’s mother’s family, the Appletons. There were two Tuckerman-Appleton marriages, so the families were closely intertwined. Three estates were built along the north side of Waldingfield Road by grandchildren of Gen. James Appleton. “Waldingfield” was built by Randolph Morgan Appleton (Cousin Budd). Sunswick, next door to the west, was built by Sister’s maternal grandparents, Bayard and Annie Tuckerman. “Applegate,” to the east of Waldingfield, was owned by Ruth Appleton Tuckerman and her husband, Charles.”


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