Rice estate, Ipswich MA

Turner Hill

Construction on the Turner Hill mansion-house on Topsfield Road began in 1900. The story below contains excerpts from "A Short History of the Rice Estate, 1890-1945" by Rev. Robert F. Ippolito, M.S., published in 1976, with pictures from the October 1903 issue of "Architectural Review." Additional photos are provided by the Turner Hill Residential Community site. Anne … Continue reading Turner Hill

Eunice Stanwood Caldwell Cowles

*Excerpt From the Cowles Papers, Mount Holyoke College Archives and Special Collections, South Hadley, MA.which contain correspondence, writings, biographical information, Caldwell and Cowles family papers and a photograph. Chiefly focusing on Eunice Stanwood Caldwell Cowles amd her connections to Mary Lyon and Zilpah P. Grant Banister through both Mount Holyoke and Ipswich Female Seminaries. "Eunice … Continue reading Eunice Stanwood Caldwell Cowles

The Ice House

Lathrop Brothers Coal and Ice Company was located at "Tougas' pit," a small body of water that may have been an old channel of the Ipswich River. It can be accessed off of Hayward Street at "Ice House Crossing." Photos courtesy of Bill George and archives. Susan Howard Boice wrote that it took three railroad cars full … Continue reading The Ice House

The Central Street Fire Station

The fire station on Central Street in Ipswich was built in 1910, replacing the fire house at Lord's Square. Originally built for horse-drawn equipment, it took over the work of the smaller departments at the Old Town Hall, Warren St., Candlewood Rd. and several other locations in town when it became motorized. For over a century, the building has served as the … Continue reading The Central Street Fire Station

Crossing the tracks on High Street

High Street originally continued straight at the John Kimball Jr. house (the one with the blue tree house) until the first bridge over the railroad tracks was constructed in 1906. From 1900 when the first trolleys came to town until the bridge was built, passengers had to unload here to switch from the trolley from Newburyport to … Continue reading Crossing the tracks on High Street

The Ipswich Mills Neighborhood

The Ipswich Mills and Brown Mills neighborhoods are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The houses in this late 20th Century aerial photograph were built in the early 1900's by the Ipswich Mills Company to house the workers of their mill, located just east of this area. The company was the largest employer … Continue reading The Ipswich Mills Neighborhood