The house at 208 Topsfield Rd. on the Winthrop property in Ipswich was built in 1767. The rear section was added in 1810, and the 1834 Ipswich map shows the owner as Aaron Goodhue. 1810 addition. In 1872 the owner was W. Goodhue.

Joseph and Judah Goodhue house, Ipswich MA
Photo from the Ipswich Patriot Properties site

Rice and Winthrop

Anne Proctor married Charles G. Rice in October 1890. Mr. Rice was born in Boston on December 10, 1866. He was a treasurer in his father’s firm in Boston, the N. W. Rice Company, and later became President of the U. S. Smelting, Refining and Mining Company of Boston. Together, they lived in this white farm house until construction was finished nearby on Topsfield Rd. at Turner Hill, their seven hundred acre estate.

After the death of Mr. Rice in 1943, the Winthrop family purchased the farm and the large old Goodhue house. The Winthrops built a large house close to the river, and left this house still standing.