16 Summer Street, the Nathaniel Treadwell house (c 1850)

The Ipswich database tells us the house at 16 Summer St. was built between 1845 and 1856 by Nathaniel Treadwell. There were many Nathaniel Treadwells in Ipswich, dating back to the 17th Century, and the Treadwell family is quite prominent in the history of our town. Two of the early Nathaniel Treadwells ran popular inns on North Main Street, and another was lost at sea.

We know that the house stayed in the Treadwell family until the 20th Century. The Ipswich Village 1856 map shows the house is owned by N. Treadwell, and in 1872 the house belongs to W. Treadwell. Photos below are provided by the Ipswich Museum.

The original negative was developed backwards. This is the correct view, looking up Summer St. towards North Main St.

This photo from about the turn of the 20th Century is from the front of 16 Summer Street, looking  towards North Main St.

The house at 16 Elm Street is in the distance, taken from the house at 17 Summer Street.

The missing house at 16 Summer Street is in the distance of this photo taken from the driveway between 17 and 19 Summer Street. Photo courtesy of the Ipswich Museum.

This is another photo taken from the same location as the above. The identity of the young man is unknown.

This is another photo taken from the same location as the above. Behind the young man is 16 Summer Street.

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