5 Summer Street, the Widow Fuller house (1725)

The Widow Fuller house at 5 Summer Street was built in 1725. The first recorded mention of this property is in 1754, when Elizabeth Fuller sold a house and land to Thomas Treadwell (107:158). The deed mentions Nathaniel Hovey’s land to the southeast and Joseph Abbe’s land to the northeast. Treadwell also owned the house given his name at 7 Summer Street.  Stylistic evidence points to a construction date of c. 1725. Originally the house was one room deep, with a cased frame. The chimney has been rebuilt, but there are some traces of an early wooden lintel in the main downstairs room. Most of the trim and the front stairs are third period vintage. An ell was added at the turn of the 19th century. The most unusual feature of the house is an oven in the chamber fireplace, which suggests two families in residence.



2 thoughts on “5 Summer Street, the Widow Fuller house (1725)”

  1. Interesting read, I’m wondering if you allow investigations on the property.
    We’re paranormal Odyssey investigations LLC and would love an opportunity to collect some evidence if we’re lucky enough.

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