Thomas Treadwell house,

7 Summer Street, the Thomas Treadwell house (C 1740)

There is no record of when the Treadwells acquired this property but stylistic evidence dictates a second period attribution. The original house consisted of a large room with a chimney and entry at the right. Raised field wainscotting in this room is the most exceptional early second period feature. The house was altered in the mid-18th century, and the kitchen and small rear room are finished with trim from this period. In the mid-19th century new stairs and a new chimney were built.

The sloop, “Endeavorer,” under Capt. Thomas Treadwell, was included in the fishing fleet of 1716.

The Thomas Treadwell house from the MACRIS site, around 1980
The Thomas Treadwell house from the MACRIS site, around 1980

The widow Fuller sold her house and lot at 5 Summer Street on Feb. 21, 1754 to Thomas Treadwell (107: 158). The Treadwell estate included this lot and house. Col. Joseph Hodgkins and his wife, Lydia, widow of Elisha Treadwell, deeded one-half the land and house to Stephen Low, and the other half to his wife, Sarah, on March 29, 1825 (238: 22, 23). It was inherited by his son, Winthrop, and was bought by Dr. William H. Russell from him around the turn of the 20th Century.


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