Joseph Wilcomb House, 13 High St., Ipswich MA The Joseph Willcomb House was built by John Edwards, a tailor, in 1669. It has a massive oak frame, central chimney and clapboards typical of other First Period houses on High Street. The dining room boasts a cavernous firebox and beehive oven. There is a rear ell and a Beverly jog. Some walls display the original wide-board paneling, which was exposed when plaster was removed during restoration. The parlor retains its 17th Century floor and hearth. View MACRIS

Joseph Wilcomb house Ipswich MA

Wilcomb house Ipswich MA fireplace and beamsThe historic name of the house comes from a later owner, Joseph Willcomb, who was a captain of many ships, perhaps the most famous was the Malay, which was owned by Augustine Heard. The house stayed in the Willcomb family for more than 150 years.

The photo on the right shows the first floor right room beams and fireplace. View more photos from this house

This house is protected by a preservation agreement with the Ipswich Historical Commission. Protected elements include:

  • Exterior: front and side facades, roof, exterior chimney
  • Interior: entire frame, fireboxes, front staircase, fireplace panels, cornice molding, post and beam cases.

The Joseph Willcomb house on the right, and the Thomas Lord house to the left.