W. H.Graves house, 4 Green St., Ipswich

4 Green Street, the William H. Graves house (1852)

The house at 4 Green St. in Ipswich was built by W. H. Graves. No house is shown on this lot in the 1832 Ipswich map or the 1856 map. A map of early lot assignments indicates that this was part of the lot owned by General Daniel Denison in the 17th Century.

From the Ipswich Vital Records:

William H. Graves, born in 1821, was the son of Moses and Sarah Graves. At age 27 his occupation was cordwainer, and he married Hannah S. Dodge on October 19, 1848. He built this house in 1852, indicating early financial recourses. Thomas Franklin Waters mentions that William H. Graves served on committees overseeing construction of the Methodist Church and also for supporting families of Ipswich soldiers during the Civil War. William died in 1880, and his wife Hannah died two years later.

On the 1910 Ipswich map, this house belongs to R. Kimball. It is said to have later been the home and office of Dr. Mansfield.

View a video of the inside of this house

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