The “William Spiller house” north of the Clam Box

At the corner of Mile lane and Rt. 1, where the Clam Box now stands, Nehemiah Jewett Jr. owned ten acres of land. He married Sally Jewett, October 22, 1795, and built a dwelling on the lot and occupied it with his family until his death.

The history of the site is given by Waters in Ipswich Village and the Old Rowley Road under Lot 19 (pp. 49-61). Jewett’s heirs sold the house and acreage to William B. Spiller in December, 1838. The house is listed with the Massachusetts Historical Commission as having been built in 1860. Mrs. Mabel V. Mitchell, wife of William A. Mitchell, inherited a portion of this property from her grandfather Spiller.

The William Spiller house in the 20th Century

The above information is  from “Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.” Near this location was “Pingrey’s Plain”, where the town gallows stood.

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