16 Mineral Street, Wise Saddle Shop (1801)

The old Wise Saddle Shop was built circa 1801 on Mineral Street in Ipswich between Central and Washington streets. This is the oldest building in the section of Mineral Street from Central Street to Washington Street. The area was once a muddy swamp, with Farley’s Brook running through it.

Jabez Farley sold this lot to Joseph and John Wise in 1801, and they probably built their small dwelling shortly thereafter. As late as 1832, their house was the only structure on Mineral St. Both men served in the military. Joseph was involved in 2 campaigns during the French and Indian War, in 1761 and 1762. John enlisted as a private in Capt. Moses Whittier’s Company in 1814. It is said that the house was once a saddle shop and that the leather was washed in Farley Brook nearby. The barn in the rear of the building is believed to be of the same age.

Wise Saddle Shop, 16 Mineral St.

Wise Saddle Shop, 16 Mineral St.

Source: MACRIS

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  1. My aunt, Beverly J. Bishop, lived in this house for many years up until her death in 2009. I believe she was responsible for getting the historical sign for the house. She also restored the barn as it was falling down. It is a lovely little house that she so much enjoyed.


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