Ipswich, Massachusetts was founded in 1634 in an area the Native Americans called “Agawam.” The historic neighborhoods of Meeting House GreenHigh Street, the East End, and the South Green offer well-preserved streetscapes of 17th to 19th-century residences. Resistance by the citizens of Ipswich to a tax imposed by the Crown in 1687 is commemorated in the town’s seal, which bears the motto, “The Birthplace of American Independence 1687.”

Summer Concert at Crane Castle in Ipswich Attractions - With the North Shore's best beach, dozens of outdoor attractions and the best-preserved Puritan town in America, there's so much to do in Ipswich, MA!
17th Century houses in Ipswich, Massachusetts - Ipswich is believed to have 59 houses with elements of "First Period" English construction, of which approximately 3 dozen date to the 17th Century. View also 18th and 19th Century Ipswich houses.
Interactive map of trails in Ipswich MA Trails and Outdoor recreation in Ipswich - More than 50% of land in Ipswich is protected by the town, state and non-profit organizations, offering extensive trails.
Walking tours of historic Ipswich - The historic neighborhoods of Ipswich offer well-preserved streetscapes of 17th to 19th homes. Guided walking tours of historic Ipswich are led by Gordon Harris, the Town historian.