“A Reservoir of Early American History”

Ipswich, Massachusetts was founded in 1634 in an area the Native Americans called “Agawam.” The historic neighborhoods of Meeting House Green, High Street, the East End, and the South Green offer well-preserved streetscapes of 17th to 19th-century residences. Over 50% of land in Ipswich is protected by the StateTrustees of Reservations, Greenbelt, and the town’s Open Space program.

Summer Concert at Crane Castle in Ipswich Attractions, Recreation & accommodations - Lodging, restaurants, attractions, activities and outdoor recreation in Ipswich, Massachusetts.
1893 Birdseye map of Ipswich The Central Street Victorian neighborhood - Central Street was laid out in 1870, and Manning High School opened 4 years later, and stores began to be constructed. By 1884, the Victorian neighborhoods that line Central, Hammatt, Manning, Mineral and Liberty Streets had been created.
Parsons Capen house Topsfield MA The ancient houses of Essex County - Historic houses in Amesbury, Beverly, Boxford, Danvers, Essex, Gloucester, Hamilton, Ipswich, Groveland, Merrimac, Newbury, Newburyport, Rowley, Salem, Topsfield, Wenham and West Newbury.
Postcard of South Main Street in Ipswich, early 20th Century Postcards from Ipswich - Many of the colorized postcards of Ipswich were created from photos taken by George Dexter, Edward Darling and Arthur Wesley Dow in the late 19th and early 20th Century.
Leslie's Retreat mural in Salem MA Leslie’s Retreat, or how the Revolutionary War almost began in Salem, February 26, 1775 - In our struggle for Independence, the British military received its first setback from the inhabitants of Salem in an episode that could not have been more ludicrous or entertaining if it had been written for Monty Python.
Ipswich woman survived two train crashes on February 28, 1956! - Every day Charlotte Lindgren boarded at Ipswich Depot for her commute to Boston and back. On February 28, 1956, she was unfortunate to be in two horrible train crashes in the same morning, but survived them both unscathed.


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Clock works in the Hamilton Congregational Church The clock tower at Hamilton First Church - In 1843, the Hamilton meetinghouse was turned 90 degrees to face the Bay Road, and the present bell was installed in the belfry. In 1888 a clock manufactured by E. Howard & Company of Boston was added to accompany the bell.
Ipswich in the Civil War - In his book, Scott Jewell updates the story of Ipswich in the American Civil War, much of which had been lost over the years and needed to be re-told.
Eulogy for President George Washington by Rev. Eli Frisbee of Ipswich An Eulogy on the Illustrious Character of the late General George Washington - “What words have an emphasis sufficient to express the gratitude we owe to God for the gift of a Washington, and the anguish and lamentation of our country that its illustrious Friend and Father is no more? His memory shall flow down the current of future generations, till they are lost in the ocean of eternity."
Politics dislike Real Deal Election Reform - If like me you’re wishing for a coronavirus isolation room to escape the maximums-shitzboobins now flooding the airwaves, I advocate a more direct way to influence the common voter. We might have to change a law or two. I’m Gavin Keenan and I approve this message.
Essex MA wooden boatbuilding Building a schooner, the art of wooden boatbuilding - The five-part series explores the design and construction of traditional wooden boats. Participants will have hands-on practices at several traditional boatyards within the Essex National Heritage Area.
Argilla Road at Crane Beach flooded by high tides Plans for raising Argilla and Jeffreys Neck Roads leave out pedestrians and cyclists. - A preliminary design for more resilient roadways on sections that pass through salt marsh eliminates a shoulder on the reconstructed section of Jeffreys Neck Road.

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