Ipswich Visitor Center

Visitor Center moves to temporary new location at the Ipswich Museum - Structural issues were recently discovered in the Hall-Haskell house, which serves as the Ipswich Visitor Center. The nearby Ipswich Museum at 54 S. Main St. graciously offered their Carriage House as an exciting temporary location just in time for our annual opening at 10 am on Saturday, May 27, 2023.… Continue reading Visitor Center moves to temporary new location at the Ipswich Museum

Ipswich Visitor Center Hours: Open 7-days a week Memorial Day weekend through Columbus Day. Call or text (978) 356-8540

  • 11am – 3pm Mondays
  • 10am – 4pm Tuesday thru Sunday
The Ipswich Visitor Center is temporarily relocated in the carriage barn at the Ipswich Museum, 56 South Main St., Ipswich MA 01938.
Essex National Heritage Area

The Ipswich Visitor Center is supported by the Essex National Heritage Area

Volunteering at the Ipswich Visitor’s Center is one of the most rewarding things I do. The people who come in are so grateful for the information and insight that we give them. We who travel know how valuable little tips and recommendations can be. I have met people from all over the world, but helping visitors from nearby is fun too.” –Sheila Bodwell

Visitor attractions

The Ipswich Museum and the temporarily relocted Visitor Center are at

56 S. Main St., Ipswich MA 01938

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3 thoughts on “Ipswich Visitor Center”

  1. Hello–My husband lived in Ipswich from 1955-1965. We are coming to visit in June to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. Because his dad had a boat while they lived there, the one thing he really wants to do is take a boat ride down the river, from the wharf to the ocean. Is there anyone in town who offers that service? Thank you for your help.

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